Taupaki school Past, Present and Future.


Taupaki school is very old, over a hundred years old to be exact. It was established in 1899 and is still a school full of students to this day. Back then, people rode Horses to school instead of cars. That's why the Taupaki school logo is a person riding a horse.


Taupaki school has had many developments over the years. Teachers have left, the population of Taupaki school has grown, more classes have been built too. Many things have happened over the years. Taupaki school has around 270 kids. For some schools thats only a small population to them, but for us that is a lot because in the past there were not many students at Taupaki school.


This is definitley not exact, but these are just my thoughts of the future of Taupaki school. I think that the population of Taupaki school will grow and more classes will be built. I think Many differences will happen in taupaki school. What do you think will happen?